Fill empty spots. Reengage patients. Increase revenue.

Make patients and your people happy.

Patients Prefer Texting. Compliment Your EMR with OpenSpot's SMS Platform.

Reactivate patients lost to follow-up, fill last minute cancellations, and catch up on care gap reports - all through texting. Transform efficiency and satisfaction by conveniently connecting with patients. The future of healthcare communication is here.

Reactivation - How It Works

Pull a report of specific patients to reengage.

Generate a list of patients from your EMR based on last visit date, specific diagnoses, care gaps, or whatever parameter matters most.

Bulk upload your report directly into OpenSpot.

OpenSpot is HIPAA compliant and allows for bulk uploading and bulk messaging to save time and make connections faster

Bulk text message your list

Instead of spending hours leaving voicemails, your staff can message all relevant patients in a matter of seconds.

Keep patients engaged with minimal effort.

Quickly get in front of your patients. Frequent touch points keeps you at the top of their mind.

Waitlist - How It Works

A last minute spot opens up.

Cancellation, reschedule, or additional squeeze-in spot identified.

Staff texts patients from your waitlist to offer the spot.

Over 90% of text messages are read within 8 minutes. Your patients will see you care about their health and convenience.

Patients reply quickly if they can make it.

Quick communication allows patients to get in weeks or months earlier.

The open spot on your schedule gets filled.

Happy staff, clinicians, and patients...and additional revenue for your practice.

What You'll Love About OpenSpot...


Be ready when spots open

With OpenSpot, you can:

  • Directly text your waitlist to get spots filled within minutes of a cancellation.

  • Stop fumbling to fill empty spots

  • Stop wasting time leaving voicemails, and praying for callbacks.

Text Message

Texts get answered quickly

Save your staff time and increase response rates by using SMS texts to get instant replies from patients. Over 90% of patients reply within 8 minutes. No need to leave voicemails and wait for callbacks.

Stay In Contact

Check in easily

Previous patients already know, like, and trust you. Many have ongoing issues and are waiting for things to get just "bad enough" to finally call. With OpenSpot, you can proactively schedule check-ins to get patients back in before issues get to a crisis point.


Get the referral process started

Begin the referral process before the patient even leaves the referring office. With OpenSpot, you can provide a direct text line for the patient and office staff so they can get things rolling for you without the delays of phone calls, voicemails, or missed connections. Get forms completed, insurance information entered, and care quickly administered without delay.


Capture lost revenue

Long waitlists, inefficient systems, and lack of touch points lead to lost patient visits. Unfilled time slots waste staff and clinician resources and delay care opportunities. Each spot filled is a chance to provide care to a patient in need and create revenue that would otherwise be delayed or lost.


HIPAA Compliant

Open-spot is HIPAA-compliant, so you can rest assured all communication is protected to HIPAA standards. Your patient data and information is secure and belongs to only you.

Works with All EMRs

No waiting months or years for a new feature request to arrive. Open-Spot's platform is browser-based and works alongside all EMR systems.

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Your practice will have a dedicated phone number where all inbound and outbound communication happens .

Unlimited Staff Accounts

There's no limit to the number of staff accounts available, so all your staff can help fill open spots. All inbound and outbound messages are unified so anyone can pick up and continue the conversation.

Custom Text Scripts

Customizable scripts allow you to tailor the messages sent to your practice and your patients so you come across exactly how you'd like.

Scheduled Messages

Checking in shows you care and gets patients back in before issues get worse. You can schedule check-in messages to go out as often as appropriate and plug patients in quickly when you hear back.

Customized practice notifications

We integrate OpenSpot to fit your workflows. If your teams use Slack, Teams, or other intraoffice communication tools, we can easily incorporate OpenSpot notifications into these systems.

Monitor Success Rates

Easily see how well your appointments are being filled and your program is working so you can make any necessary changes and continue to increase your opportunities and customer satisfaction!

Mobile-Friendly Patient Forms

Our referral automation system takes the work off your staff. Patients can fill out relevant forms, provide demographic information, scan insurance cards, and more to speed up and standardize the referral process.

Seamless Integration with Your Scheduling Workflow

We know your EMR can't do this and waiting on a feature ticket might take years, so we work alongside all existing EMR platforms to ensure you can start using OpenSpot today.

Plans for Practices of All Sizes

Included with

all plans

  • Local number for
    inbound/outbound SMS

  • Unlimited patient contacts

  • Unlimited texts, inbound and outbound

  • Training to onboard all current and future staff

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Forms customized to exactly fit your practice needs

  • Push notifications to desktop, mobile, and tablet for up-to-the-minute responses

  • Monthly report on texts sent and appointments booked to ensure revenue exceeds expense



Per Month

1-10 clinicians

  • 1-10 clinician schedules

  • Perfect for one location practices

  • Go live in 5-7 days from signup



Per Month

11> clinicians

  • 11+ clinician schedules

  • Perfect for larger or multiple-location practices

  • Go live in 5-14 days from signup

  • Dedicated account support

Frequently Asked Questions

Support is at the heart of everything we do, so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions. We have the bandwidth to quickly hop on a Zoom call to address any issues.

We can handle any patient-specific requests your practice needs to make it work best for you. Most practices have multiple appointment types, appointment lengths, priority status, etc. During our onboarding, we'll learn exactly how your practice works so we can customize it to fit your practice needs and workflows.

Sign up for a demo to see how easy and effective Open-Spot is to incorporate into your practice. After the demo, we can get your practice set up, train employees, and go live in 5-7 days.

Of course! Most practices find the service pays for itself many times over each month if used properly, but if for some reason you decide to cancel, we will stop billing at the end of the monthly billing cycle and provide an exit list of patients still waiting.

Check out the video above to see it in action. As your staff book a patient who requests to be on your cancellation/waitlist, your staff simply add them to your customized practice form. Your waitlist will be maintained in order of sign-up (or priority, as you prefer) and when a cancellation, add-on, or open spot is found, your staff simply text from the waitlist to offer the appointment to the next patients on the list.

Our software works with ALL EMRs. As you already know, EMR feature requests often take quite a while, so we built OpenSpot to work alongside your existing EMR so you don't have to wait months/years/forever for this feature to be included. OpenSpot is browser-based and works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. It can even be used on mobile devices if you or your staff are out of the office when an open appointment is identified.

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